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Heartworm Testing

Heartworms are a deadly parasite that can cause permanent damage to your pet’s vital organs. It is especially dangerous for dogs. Testing for heartworms will enable our doctors to come up with a treatment plan for your pet. Routine heartworm testing can detect the presence of heartworms and determine the best course of treatment to combat an infection. If there are no signs of infection, there are many preventative treatment options available, including oral, topical, and injectable medications to protect your pet.

A simple blood test can detect the presence of the parasite, after which further testing may be needed. Radiography and echocardiography may also be used to determine any damage to the heart or cardiovascular system if an infection is diagnosed.

Heartworm disease can affect many species of animals – if you are unsure of your pet’s heartworm testing or treatment history, call Sawmill Animal Hospital for more information on heartworm testing and to schedule an appointment.